Parisian Charm


We’ve just booked our hotel in Paris!!  I cannot express in mere words how exciting that is to me.

To be fair to Dave he wanted to pre-book a ton of stuff, even though he wants to backpack. (yes, interesting juxtaposition) I felt it would take away some of the allure and the flexibility of traveling on  a whim.

I had this sense to check Trip Advisor and I am so glad I did.  All the small, privately run hotels I had recommended to me had great reviews. They were also booked solid.  There was a moment of panic, I’m woman enough to admit, and the search for a hotel in Paris began in earnest.  Dave suggested staying at a perfectly decent, cookie-cutter chain hotel for a very reasonable price.

Challenge accepted!  

Within 5 minutes I found Hotel Agenor with only 1 room left. I’ll be sure to let you all know what our experiences are there but I am expecting to come home with only good things to say 🙂

I used to be a more spontaneous traveler. Sure, I’d do a bit of homework and read guidebooks and get a general sense of the area. Upon arrival in a new city I’d walk, bus or metro to a hotel to see if they had any available rooms. If they didn’t I’d move on to the next hotel in my mental list.

There’s adventure to be had using this philosophy. Once I nearly walked an entire small town to find an amazing little hotel. On the upside it was every bit as amazing as I had heard it would be. On the downside they were completely booked.

The wheel on my pull along luggage broke (think cobblestone streets) prompting us to seek help from a local. I still remember finding all we needed to fix the luggage in a supermarket. It’s rather a great memory, actually. Oddly enough we ended up at the hotel directly across from the train station anyway. (Another memory for another post perhaps.) My point is that it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t find a room or be able to handle sleeping in a train station if it came to that.


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