My happy place; Parc Güell

I have been longing to return to Parc Güell in Barcelona from the very moment I left 12 years ago.  I’m very excited about returning and showing Dave the parc. Pardon the cliche but it really is my happy place!

The video below does a lovely job of showing the parc in all it’s Modernisme glory but the thought of seeing the parc in 30 minutes is a bit chuckle-worthy. While I agree that one could see the parc in 30 minutes I have to scratch my head and wonder why anyone would bother to try.

Take time to lounge on the comfy serpentine bench that borders the upper terrace. We’re talking “stop and smell the roses” only it’s more like “stop and admire the mosaics!” You’ll be glad you did.

Escalinata de entrada del Park Güell

This open air building with the columns is a fabulous place to catch a live musical performance. Many performers have CDs available. Be sure to buy one to both share and relive some memories of your trip when you return home.

There is no way I could spend only 30 minutes here in this parc no matter how many tourists  are milling about.  There is a real peacefulness about this place, a connection to nature itself in a wild and colorful way, that makes even thinking of a rushed visit a sacrilege!

The video below has some wonderful footage of the parc.  Pay close attention at 3:30 when you see the public escalators in the middle of the street en route to the parc. I still remember the first time I saw the escaltors and what a welcome relief they were!

I suggest taking the train and walking up (and I’m talking UP) to the parc unless you have a health concern.  Life’s short and the walk/climb is an adventure in itself.  Take a water bottle for sure!

If you’d like more information on the parc click here.

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